22-years trends in Anxiety and Depression in the Russian population: Gender differences based on WHO MONICA-psychosocial, HAPIEE epidemiological studies

Author(s): Valery Gafarov, Elena Gromova, Dmitriy Panov, Igor Gagulin, Almira Gafarova

In the modern dynamically changing picture of the world, the problem of social adaptation of a person comes first while well-being is one of the important objective conditions of life. There is a huge number of factors that determine working capacity and other health characteristics, mental resistance to stressful situations plays an important role. A high level of mental resistance to stress is the key to maintaining, developing and strengthening the health and professional longevity of a person. The fact that men and women have a completely different reaction to stress and deal with its consequences in different ways is well known to psychologists however in the current economic crisis, men and women are in an equally difficult, traumatic environment. Therefore, there is a need to find at the population level the origins and gender differences in reactions to stress of men and women.