21st Century Leadership in Dentistry

Author(s): Yvette Weir

The doctor / clinician leaves dental school armed with the tools to create beautiful smiles and relieve pain. The armamentarium in our toolbox is vast from simple to complex restorations, implants, surgery, root canal therapy, teeth whitening and straightening. As a practicing dentist and former assistant professor, I have been the recipient of all of the above. I know after more than 25 years in the industry that there is a lack of personal and professional leadership to drive more effectively the interpersonal relationships and culture of the offices we not only inhabit, but run on a day to day basis. 21st Century Leadership in Dentistry covers areas that are rarely discussed for lack of insight on its importance and in favor or the heavyweight clinical topics. Communication, Intentionality, office culture and a people over profit driven practice will be some of the topics addressed, depending on time permitted. Additional topics within the scope of leadership could include mission, value statements and legacy.