Most Tumor immunology is an interdisciplinary department of biology involved with the role of the immune system inside the progression and improvement of cancer; the most widely recognized application is cancer immunotherapy, wherein the immune system is used to treat cancer.Cancer immunosurveillance is a theory formulated in 1957 with the aid of Burnet and Thomas, who proposed that lymphocytes act as sentinels in recognizing and doing away with continuously springing up, nascent converted cells. Most cancers immunosurveillance seems to be an essential host protection procedure that decreases cancer quotes via inhibition of carcinogenesis and maintaining of normal cellular homeostasis.It has also been counseled that immunosurveillance often features as a factor of a extra well known manner of cancer immunoediting. Tumors may additionally specific tumor antigens which are recognized via the immune gadget and may induce an immune response. Those tumor antigens are either TSA (Tumor-unique antigen) or TAA (Tumor-related antigen).  

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