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The disorder leprosy, caused by Mycobacteria leprae, has recently gone through this evaluation and raised some exciting questions on its origins and unfold. even though first recorded in human beings round 600BC in India, the molecular evidence factor to it being a long way older, in all likelihood originating in Africa during the Paleolithic duration. the shortage of genetic variation between leprosy strains additionally points to a genetic bottleneck inside the past. this is probable to were because of the micro organism's low rate of contamination. notwithstanding the large quantity of social stigma associated with it leprosy is not noticeably infectious and could easily have been almost absolutely lost amongst early human societies.   another micro organism to have long past via the genetic evaluation is Bordetella pertussis, the bacteria responsible for whooping cough. originally thought to have handed to people through a similar species discovered in domestic animals, the molecular proof another time suggests that it's been around when you consider that before animals have been first domesticated. as an alternative it could have advanced from the bacteria B. bronchiseptica which changed into present round 2.5 million years ago with a preference for infecting hominids. This makes a rather neat little tale of a micro organism adapting to match the converting hominids as they have become human and evolving in particular to fit the human niche (image underneath through Nathan studying)    

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