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  Type two polygenic {disease} may be a chronic disease. it's characterised by high levels of sugar within the blood. kind two polygenic disease is additionally known as kind two DM and adul. that is as a result of it wont to begin nearly always in middle- and late-adulthood. However, a lot of and a lot of youngsters and teenagers ar developing this condition. kind two polygenic disease is way a lot of common than kind one polygenic disease, and is actually a distinct malady. however it shares with kind one polygenic disease high blood glucose levels, and therefore the complications of high blood glucose. During digestion, food is lessened into basic elements. Carbohydrates ar lessened into easy sugars, primarily aldohexose. aldohexose may be a critically vital supply of energy for the body's cells. to supply energy to the cells, aldohexose must leave the blood and obtain within the cells. Insulin traveling within the blood signals the cells to require up aldohexose. hormone may be a endocrine created by the duct gland. The duct gland is associate degree organ within the abdomen. once levels of aldohexose within the blood rise (for example, when a meal), the duct gland produces a lot of hormone. Type two polygenic disease happens once your body's cells resist the traditional impact of hormone, that is to drive aldohexose within the blood into the within of the cells. This condition is termed hormone resistance. As a result, aldohexose starts to create up within the blood

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