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 Autoimmune inflammation, additionally known as AIP, may be a chronic inflammation that's thought to be caused by the body's system assaultive the duct gland which responds to steroid medical care. 2 subtypes of AIP ar currently recognized, sort one and sort two. Type one AIP is additionally known as IgG4-related inflammation and is an element of a illness known as IgG4-related illness (IgG4-RD) that always affects multiple organs together with the duct gland, gall ducts within the liver, secretion glands, kidneys and bodily fluid nodes. Type 2 AIP, additionally known as upset duct-centric inflammation, appears to have an effect on solely the duct gland, though regarding third of individuals with sort two AIP have associated inflammatory internal organ illness. Autoimmune inflammation may be a rare, new recognized illness and may be erroneously diagnosed as carcinoma. the 2 conditions have similar signs and symptoms, however terribly totally different treatments, thus it's vital to differentiate one from another. Autoimmune inflammation (AIP) is tough to diagnose. Often, it does not cause any symptoms. once it will, its symptoms and signs ar the same as those of carcinoma. Pancreatic willcer symptoms can include: •           Dark excretion •           Pale stools or stools that float within the rest room •           Yellow skin and eyes (jaundice) •           Pain in your higher abdomen or middle a part of your back •           Nausea and reflex •           Weakness or extreme weariness •           Loss of appetence or feelings of fullness •           Weight loss for no famous reason

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