T lymphocytes area unit a part of the system and develop from stem cells within the bone marrow. facilitate|they assist} defend the body from infection and should help fight cancer. additionally known as lymph cell and thymocyte. Enlarge. somatic cell development.T cells (also known as T lymphocytes) area unit one in all the most important elements of the adaptational system. Their roles embody directly killing infected host cells, activating different immune cells, manufacturing cytokines and regulation the immune reaction.T cell, additionally known as T lymphocyte, sort of white blood cell (white blood cell) that's a vital a part of the system. T cells area unit one in all 2 primary styles of lymphocytes—B cells being the second type—that verify the specificity of immune reaction to antigens (foreign substances) within the body.A low white blood cell count alone might not cause any signs or symptoms. The condition sometimes is found once someone is tested for different diseases or conditions, like AIDS. If you've got uncommon infections, repeat infections, and/or infections that will not depart, your doctor could suspect that you just have blood disease.

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