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Journal of Textile Science represents the material exercises and configuration mirroring the expert interests in science, building, financial aspects, the executives and configuration identified with the material and clothing industry. The paper may likewise report principal hypothetical or research’s, down to earth or business mechanical investigations and may identify with improvements in materials and related orders. The material instruction programs likewise should be changed so that dynamic changes of these projects can be made in agreement to the business' turns of events. To be sure, a critical exchange off must be made between carefully following the ABET measures and satisfying the business' needs. The ABET rules depend on the great methodology of designing instruction, which prompts analytics being the highest point of the pyramid of numerical foundation. A large portion of us engineers by training comprehend that this model, however might be scholastically helpful, didn't completely reflect building applied requirements. Surely, analytics and differential conditions are basic in many examination applications, yet as Arthur Benjamin, an acclaimed American mathematician, puts it (Ted Talk, 2009), truth be told, not many of us use analytics in a cognizant and important manner in our everyday rehearses. He requires an adjustment in the numerical pyramid to make measurements the highest point of the pyramid. Incidentally, even the ABET didn't understand the significance of insights with the exception of over the most recent 30 years. Presently, in the period of enormous information and unaided AI, there is no uncertainty that insights ought to be the highest point of the mathematic pyramid.    

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