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 Currently, most of the textile industry and textile institutions are located in South Asia. The textile industry results in the event of clothing from fibres, yarns, and fabrics. The industry is growing in this area as it has already been shifted from Europe and is being shifting from China. As the textile industry is growing, many new textile intuitions are being established to supply for quality textile education. This introductory level textbook is geared towards them. This book will provide all necessary information from fibres to fabrics and their conversion to clothing. The importance of textiles within the current era along side the raw materials needed for the textiles are given. After that, it's explained how the yarn is formed from fibres. Then the fabrics manufacturing, the printing and dyeing of textiles and therefore the conversion of materials into the clothes is discussed. Also, the testing of fibres, yarns and fabrics along side the outline of technical textiles is mentioned. The ambiguity of this issue title invites each contributing author to assess and review a host of combinations and permutations of the terms engineering and textiles. Let us start with the definition of each term. According to Webster, engineering is that the application of science and arithmetic by which the properties of matter and therefore the sources of energy in nature are made useful to man in structures, machines, products, systems, and processes. Webster's definition of textile: a cloth especially woven or knit cloth; a fiber, filament, or yarn utilized in making cloth. Of course, the Textile Institute's Textile Terms and Definitions carries the definition further, indicating that the term is now also applied to fibers, filaments, and yarns, natural or man-made, and to most products of which they're the principal staple . This definition includes, for example, threads, cords, ropes and braids, woven, knitted, and nonwoven fabrics, as well as other varieties of fibrous structures.    

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