Superficial Myofibroblastoma

Superficial myofibroblastoma (SMF) may be a very rare benign mesenchymal tumour of the feminine genital region. To date, only 46 cases are reported within the English literature.Formerly, SMF was referred to as superficial cervicovaginal myofibroblastoma because it had been believed to occur exclusively within the cervix and vagina. In 2005, Ganesan R et al proposed the term “superficial myofibroblastoma of the lower female genital tract” for this sort of tumour because they found that some tumours with an equivalent histological and immunohistochemical features also could occur within the vulva. Although some cases were reported thereafter, so far, only seven cases of SMF are reported to arise within the vulva . Thus, many gynecologists and pathologists won't be conversant in this sort of tumor. Histologically, SMF is characterized by myofibroblast proliferation in collagenous and myxoid stroma. The cellularity is usually moderate to low. The collagen and myxoid stromaextensive edema within the stroma, which can make it difficult to differentiate it from aggressive angiomyxoma (AA). However, the clinical prognoses of the 2 tumours are different. Thus, familiarization with the characteristics of SMA and AA is important.      

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