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 Software engineers is divided into 2 categories: Applications Engineers Applications engineers produce or adapt applications for businesses and organizations by analyzing the top user's desires. they're going to style, build, install, and maintain these applications or programs. Systems Engineers Systems engineers coordinate the creation, maintenance and growth of a business or organization's pc systems. They coordinate every department's desires, recommend technical direction, and found out any networks that converge computers with the corporate.   Being a technologist could be a nice career alternative for somebody UN agency is exceptionally smart at each left and right-brained thinking (analytical skills likewise as problem-solving skills). software system engineers area unit natural problem-solvers, smart at operating with others and targeted on seeing problems through to their made completion. A technologist ought to be well-versed in: - Programming and committal to writing - Fundamentals of computing - style and design - Algorithms and information structures - data analysis - Debugging software system - Testing software system Software engineers have distinct personalities. they have a tendency to be inquiring people, which suggests they’re intellectual, self-examining, and inquisitive. they're curious, methodical, rational, analytical, and logical. a number of them also are standard, which means they’re conscientious and conservative.

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