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 A skin prick take a look at, additionally referred to as a puncture or skin test, checks for immediate aversions to as several as fifty totally different substances directly. This take a look at is typically done to spot allergies to spore, mold, pet dander, mud mites and foods. In adults, the take a look at is typically done on the forearm. Allergy skin tests are not painful. This sort of testing uses needles (lancets) that hardly penetrate the skin's surface. You will not bleed or feel quite gentle, momentaneous discomfort. After improvement the take a look at web site with alcohol, the nurse attracts little marks on your skin and applies a drop of substance extract next to every mark. He or she then uses a lancet to prick the extracts into the skin's surface. A replacement lancet is employed for every substance. You may want a take a look at that uses a needle to inject a tiny low quantity of substance extract simply into the skin on your arm (intradermal test). The injection web site is examined when regarding quarter-hour for signs of associate allergy. Your doctor could advocate this take a look at to envision for associate hypersensitivity reaction to insect venom or antibiotic drug.