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   Next generation sequencing (NGS), massively parallel or deep sequencing area unit connected terms that describe a desoxyribonucleic acid sequencing technology that has revolutionised genomic analysis. victimisation NGS a complete human order is sequenced inside one day. In distinction, the previous Sanger sequencing technology, accustomed decipher the human order, needed over a decade to deliver the ultimate draft. though in order analysis NGS has principally outmoded typical Sanger sequencing, it's not however translated into routine clinical follow. There area unit variety totally different|of various} NGS platforms victimisation different sequencing technologies, an in depth discussion of that is on the far side the scope of this text. However, all NGS platforms perform sequencing of numerous little fragments of desoxyribonucleic acid in parallel. Bioinformatics analyses area unit accustomed piece along these fragments by mapping the individual reads to the human reference order. every of the 3 billion bases within the human order is sequenced multiple times, providing high depth to deliver correct information associated an insight into surprising desoxyribonucleic acid variation (figure 1). NGS is accustomed sequence entire genomes or unnatural to specific areas of interest, as well as all 22 000 cryptography genes (a whole exome) or little numbers of individual genes.

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