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 Clinical imaging has a very important role in drug development. The utility already has been well demonstrated in many applications reviewed here. It will facilitate additional seamless transitions from diagnosis to clinical development. Imaging additionally can facilitate responsive important queries earlier in development and directly with human studies, adding to confidence in decision-making. Whereas implementation of imaging-supported protocols will add to trial quality and value per patient, wherever imaging has bigger sensitivity, the gains will translate into smaller numbers of subjects in trials. This is able to have a very large impact on the potential to pursue studies for rare diseases that it should be attainable to recruit solely tiny numbers of subjects or for extremely stratified populations amongst even current diseases that PM is sought. There now could be a chance to well extend the vary of things within which, and therefore the extent to that, imaging is employed in clinical drug development. However, optimum use can demand the event of diagnosis and clinical imaging ways to support molecule development from the earliest stages of programme reaching to make sure that strategies area unit valid and prepared to be enforced as important call points in comes are being approached. Wider use in development ought to change state new applications for imaging-based PM to higher make sure that the correct drugs is employed by the correct patient.  

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