Internet security consists of a spread of security techniques for safeguarding activities and transactions conducted on-line over the net. These techniques area unit meant to safeguard users from threats like hacking into pc systems, email addresses, or websites; malicious package which will infect and inherently harm systems; and fraud by hackers World Health Organization steal personal information like checking account info and mastercard numbers. web security may be a specific facet of broader ideas like cybersecurity and pc security, being centered on the precise threats and vulnerabilities of on-line access and use of the net. In today's digital landscape, several of our daily activities believe the net. numerous sorts of communication, diversion, and money and work-related tasks area unit accomplished on-line. this suggests that plenty of information and sensitive info area unit perpetually being shared over the net. the net is usually non-public and secure, however it can even be AN insecure channel for exchanging info. With a high risk of intrusion by hackers and cybercriminals, web security may be a high priority for people and businesses alike. whereas the net presents users with legion info and services, it conjointly includes many risks. Cyberattacks area unit solely increasing in sophistication and volume, with several cybercriminals employing a combination of various kinds of attacks to accomplish one goal. tho' the list of potential threats is in depth, here area unit a number of the foremost common web security threats

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