Religion And Spirituality In Children And Adolescents

knowledge of the Lord Jesus’ salvation and that i expressed my desire to believe the Lord on the spot. As i used to be leaving, the pastor jogged my memory that, “To live as a Christian, one must practice spiritual devotion.” I asked the pastor, “What is spiritual devotion? How can we practice it?” The pastor then told me, “Spiritual devotion is reading the Bible, saying prayers and singing hymns of praise a day . once we pray, we must pray for our families, pray for the weak brothers and sisters in our church, and pray for the servants of God. We must stick with reading the Bible and singing hymns a day also , and that we must keep doing it without interruption. As long as you practice spiritual devotion diligently a day , then your spirituality will still develop and you'll draw closer and closer to the Lord, then God are going to be gladdened.”I therefore began to practice because the pastor had said. Every morning at 5am on the dot i might get out of bed and start my spiritual devotion. First, i might read two chapters of the Bible, then i might sing hymns, then i might pray just like the pastor had told me. I kept this routine during the seasons, and that i persisted with my prayers albeit sometimes my legs visited sleep from kneeling for therefore long.    

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