Quality- Of Life

 Quality of life (QOL) is that the general well-being of people and societies, outlining negative and positive options of life.[1] It consists of the expectations of a personal or society for a decent life. These expectations ar target-hunting by the values, goals and socio-cultural context during which a personal lives. It is a reference against that a personal or society will live the various domains of a private life.[citation needed] The extent to that one's own life coincides with a desired customary level - or, in other words, the degree to that these domains offer satisfaction and intrinsically contribute to one's subjective well-being - is called[by whom?] life satisfaction. Quality of life includes everything from physical health, family, education, employment, wealth, safety, security to freedom, non secular beliefs, and also the setting.[2] QOL incorporates a wide selection of contexts, as well as the fields of international development, healthcare, politics and emkployment. Health connected QOL (HRQOL) is AN analysis of QOL and its relationship with health.[3] Quality of life mustn't be confused with the conception of ordinary of living, that relies totally on financial gain. customary indicators of the standard of life embrace not solely wealth and employment however conjointly the designed setting, physical and mental state, education, recreation and leisure, and social happiness.

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