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Protein sequencing is that the sensible method of crucial the organic compound sequence of all or a part of a supermolecule or amide. this might serve to spot the supermolecule or characterize its post-translational modifications. Typically, partial sequencing of a supermolecule provides enough data (one or additional sequence tags) to spot it with relevance databases of supermolecule sequences derived from the abstract translation of genes.The two major direct strategies of supermolecule sequencing area unit mass qualitative analysis and Edman degradation employing a supermolecule apparatus (sequencer). Mass qualitative analysis strategies area unit currently the foremost wide used for supermolecule sequencing and identification however Edman degradation remains a valuable tool for characterizing a protein's N-terminus.It is usually fascinating to grasp the unordered organic compound composition of a supermolecule before making an attempt to search out the ordered sequence, as this data is wont to facilitate the invention of errors within the sequencing method or to differentiate between ambiguous results. information of the frequency of sure amino acids may be wont to select that enzyme to use for digestion of the supermolecule. The misincorporation of low levels of non-standard amino acids (e.g. norleucine) into proteins may be determined.  

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