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 Polymers square measure materials manufactured from long, continuation chains of molecules. The materials have distinctive properties, reckoning on the kind of molecules being guaranteed and the way they're guaranteed. Some polymers bend and stretch, like rubber and polyester. Others square measure laborious and difficult, like epoxies and glass. Polymers bit nearly each side of recent life. chances are high that the majority are up-to-date with a minimum of one polymer-containing product — from water bottles to gadgets to tires — within the last 5 minutes. The term compound is usually accustomed describe plastics, that square measure artificial polymers. However, natural polymers conjointly exist; rubber and wood, for instance, square measure natural polymers that carries with it an easy organic compound, isoprene, consistent with book of facts Britannica. Proteins square measure natural polymers created from amino acids, and nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) square measure polymers of nucleotides — advanced molecules composed of nitrogen-containing bases, sugars and oxygen acid, chemical change is that the technique of making artificial polymers by combining smaller molecules, referred to as monomers, into a series command along by valency bonds, consistent with ThoughtCo., a web instructional resource. varied chemical reactions — those caused by heat and pressure, for instance — alter the chemical bonds that hold monomers along, consistent with Scientific yankee. the method causes the molecules to bond in an exceedingly linear, branched or network structure, leading to polymers

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