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Pharmacogenomics is a vital example of the sphere of exactness drugs, that aims to tailor medical treatment to every person or to a gaggle of individuals. Pharmacogenomics appearance at however your polymer affects the manner you reply to medicine. In some cases, your polymer will result on} whether or not you have got a foul reaction to a drug or whether or not a drug helps you or has no effect. Pharmacogenomics will improve your health by serving to you recognize sooner than time whether or not a drug is probably going to profit you and be safe for you to require. Knowing this data will facilitate your doctor realize drugs which will work best for you. medicine move together with your body in various ways that, relying each on however you're taking the drug and wherever the drug acts in your body. once you're taking a drug, your body has to break it down and obtain it to the meant space. Your polymer will have an effect on multiple steps during this method to influence however you reply to the drug. Some samples of these interactions embody Drug Receptors. Some medicine have to be compelled to attach to proteins on the surface of cells known as receptors so as to figure properly. Your polymer determines what form of receptors you have got and the way several, which may have an effect on your response to the drug. you would possibly want a better or lower quantity of the drug than most of the people or a unique drug.    

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