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Pharmacogenetics has been outlined because the study of variability in drug response because of heredity. Additional recently, with the style for adding the suffix ‘… omics’ to areas of analysis, the term ‘pharmacogenomics’ has been introduced. whereas the previous term is basically utilized in regard to genes deciding drug metabolism, the latter could be a broader primarily based term that encompasses all genes within the order that will verify drug response . the excellence but, is unfair and each terms will be used interchangeably. Over the last 12–18 months, an oversized range of articles have appeared on pharmacogenomics in numerous journals. Additionally, 3 new journals with the term ‘pharmacogenomics’ in their title are launched (Pharmacogenomics, The yank Journal of Pharmacogenomics and also the Pharmacogenomics Journal). This is often as a result of pharmacogenomics is viewed as a extremely vital space for up drug medical aid and prescribing within the future. whether or not this promise is consummated and to what extent can solely become evident with time. during this issue of the Journal, we have a tendency to begin a brand new review series of articles concentrating on {the space|the world|the realm} of Pharmacogenetics/pharmacogenomics to supply readers with the state of the art in relevant aspects of this area, that we have a tendency to hope can facilitate them assess for themselves the importance (or not) of this space with regard to each their clinical follow and analysis.    

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