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 "International Journal of Advance Innovations, Thoughts and ideas is one among the prestigious friend checked on Journals in Earthquake engineering. The Journal is utilizing Editorial Manager System for quality in ref process. IJAITI's Editorial and Review group guarantees the norm and quick article, audit preparing with distributing time of only 21 days from the day of accommodation of composition. Earthquake engineering is that the logical field worried about securing society, the normal and along these lines the man-made condition from earthquakes by constraining the seismic hazard to socio-monetarily adequate levels. the main meaning of Earthquake engineering is to choose to limit material and otherworldly misfortunes brought about by earthquakes that present regular geographical dangers in network advancement. It conducts examines corresponding with Construction and Geophysical engineering. it's characterized as a sub-part of basic engineering yet has, after some time, isolated from basic engineering to characterize its own region of experience . the most targets of earthquake engineering are to predict the likely outcomes of solid earthquakes on urban territories and common foundation and to style develop and keep up structures to perform at earthquake introduction up to the desires and in consistence with construction regulations. International Journal of Advance Innovations, Thoughts and ideas is distributed by OMICS Group. OMICS Group through its Open Access Initiative is resolved to shape authentic and solid commitments to established researchers. OMICS Group has over 700+ companion audited Journals and has composed over 3000+ International Scientific Conferences wherever the planet . OMICS International Journals have more than 15 million perusers and accordingly the notoriety and achievement of a proportionate are often credited to the solid publication board which contains over 50,000+ article board individuals and along these lines the fast, quality and speedy survey preparing. "  

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