Palliative Radiotherapy

 Radiotherapy to alleviate symptoms is additionally called palliative therapy. Palliative therapy aims to shrink cancer, weigh down its growth or management symptoms. It does not aim to cure cancer. betting on the sort of cancer you've got, and wherever it's unfold to, you may have external or internal therapy. External therapy is that the use of radiation to destroy cancer cells from outside of the body. Whereas internal therapy suggests that having radiation treatment from within the body.Patients panic once they hear “palliative care” and assume it suggests that they're dying. however palliative is not just for people that area unit terminally sick, and it's not identical as hospice care. ... Palliative care ought to be a part of the treatment arrange from the time of designation of associate degree health problem through finish of life and hospice care/It doesn't aim to cure the cancer then lower doses of radiation are often safely used while not a lot of within the approach of facet effects for the patient. The aim of delivering palliative irradiation is to manage symptoms of a cancer or forestall symptoms from occurring then giving the patient a higher quality of life.