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 Oral submucous fibrosis (OSMF) is Associate in nursing oral metastatic tumor condition characterised by inflammation and progressive pathology of the sub mucosal tissues leading to marked rigidity and cramp. OSMF still remains a perplexity to the clinicians because of elusive pathologic process and fewer well-defined classification systems.   If the sickness is detected at a really early stage, stop of the habit is decent. Most patients with oral sub mucous pathology gift with moderate-to-severe sickness. Moderate-to-severe oral sub mucous pathology is irreversible. Medical treatment is symptomatic and preponderantly geared toward up mouth movements.   The treatment of oral sub mucous pathology includes iron, multivitamins as well as carotenoid, spirulina, pentoxifyl- line, native sub mucosal injections of steroids, Hyazyme and chylomicrons, binary compound extract of healthy human placenta, and surgical excision of the fibrous bands.   Oral sub mucous pathology (OSF) may be a premalignant condition caused by true pepper mastication. It’s quite common in geographical region however has began to unfold to Europe and North America. OSF will cause epithelial cell cancer, a risk that's any hyperbolic by concomitant tobacco consumption.   In treatment of osmf however they need to be assessed in correct clinical trials. one amongst these natural preparations is tulasi, that together with life vogue modification will lower the symptoms of OSMF and facilitate in healing the sickness fractionally.

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