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 Oral disease, otherwise called mouth malignant growth, is malignancy of the coating of the lips, mouth, or upper throat. In the mouth, it most normally begins as an effortless white fix, that thickens, creates red fixes, a ulcer, and keeps on developing. When on the lips, it regularly seems as though a steady crusting ulcer that doesn't mend, and gradually develops. Different manifestations may incorporate troublesome or difficult gulping, new protuberances or knocks in the neck, an expanding in the mouth, or a sentiment of deadness in the mouth or lips.   Hazard factors incorporate tobacco and liquor use. With both tobacco and drinking liquor, the danger of oral malignancy is multiple times more noteworthy. Other hazard factors incorporate HPV contamination, biting paan, and sun introduction on the lower lip. Oral malignant growth is a subgroup of head and neck cancers.Diagnosis is made by biopsy of the concerning territory, trailed by examination with CT check, MRI, PET output, and assessment to decide whether it has spread to far off pieces of the body. Oral disease can be forestalled by maintaining a strategic distance from tobacco items, restricting liquor use, sun security on the lower lip, HPV immunization, and evasion of paan. Medicines utilized for oral malignancy can incorporate a blend of medical procedure (to evacuate the tumor and territorial lymph hubs), radiation treatment, chemotherapy, or focused on treatment. The sorts of medicines will rely upon the size, areas, and spread of the malignant growth contemplated with the general strength of the individual.

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