Online Journals Of Molecular Imaging

 Molecular imaging may be a field of medical imaging that focuses on imaging molecules of medical interest at intervals living patients. this can be in distinction to standard strategies for getting molecular info from preserved tissue samples, like microscopic anatomy. Molecules of interest is also either ones created naturally by the body, or artificial molecules created in an exceedingly laboratory and injected into a patient by a doctor. the foremost common example of molecular imaging used clinically these days is to inject a distinction agent (e.g., a microbubble, metal ion, or hot isotope) into a patient's blood associate degreed to use an imaging modality (e.g., ultrasound, MRI, CT, PET) to trace its movement within the body. Molecular imaging originated from the sector of radiology from a requirement to higher perceive elementary molecular processes within organisms in an exceedingly noninvasive manner.The ultimate goal of molecular imaging is to be able to noninvasively monitor all of the organic chemistry processes occurring within associate degree organism in real time. Current analysis in molecular imaging involves cellular/molecular biology, chemistry, and medical physics, and is concentrated on: 1) developing imaging strategies to find antecedently undetectable kinds of molecules, 2) increasing the amount and kinds of distinction agents obtainable, and 3) developing useful distinction agents that give info concerning the varied activities that cells and tissues perform in each health and unwellness.