Online Genomics Journals

 The Journal of Genome is an open access Journal that highlights great articles in Genome Biology. The diary intends to give its perusers top-level data on all parts of genomics, so as to cause a superior comprehension of organismal genomes.The extent of the diary incorporates, yet isn't restricted to: Disease genomics; Clinical genomics; Epigenomics; Proteomics; Evolutionary genomics; Comparative genomics; Functional genomics; Genome structure, capacity, and association; Pharmacogenomics; Molecular advancement; Genome building; Synthetic genomics; Large-scale populace hereditary qualities; Systems science; and Applied hereditary qualities. Studies relating to High throughput genome investigations including computational science and bioinformatics, for example, Transcriptome examination, RNA-Sequencing, Next age DNA sequencing, ChIP-Sequencing, and Microarray are likewise welcome.