National Park Scholarly Journal

Ice sheet, in the same way as other national park, gives its guests with a display of lovely landscape. Our national park framework, which was made in 1916, ensures and safeguards these excellent terrains for the future satisfaction in all Americans.' Our parks - 379 last times anyone checked - envelop a portion of our country's most marvelous scenes just as a portion of our verifiable accomplishments and sorrows. As such, our national park exemplify what's more, represent our nation's rich legacy. However, from multiple points of view, our country has let this heritage crumble. In fact, our parks are harrowed with rotting frameworks, packing, infringing advancement, and air pollution. In short, our parks are not, at this point the perfect heavens they once were. For example, Glacier National Park, whose pictures magnificence is beyond compare, is in need of a large number of infrastructure repairs. Due to the imminent need for infrastructure improvements, the 106th Congress debated a bill that would allow Glacier National Park to rebuild Going-to-the-Sun Road 7 and various historic hotels; 8 to purchase new tourist buses,9 and to construct new utility systems.