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   Nano medication are a revolutionary and present science of the twenty first century; a nano drug is that the application of engineering within the medicative field that has the potential to considerably amendment the course of medicine and treatment of assorted life-threating diseases. A nano drug is essentially the appliance of engineering to medication, and that they ar unreal to possess an excellent impact on public health. This review summarizes historical evolvement and diversification of nano medication into a good vary of medical applications, resulting in patents, and their increasing connectedness for a mess of malady classes. The interest in nano medication for treatment and designation is clearly mirrored from the big range of high-quality analysis publications and issued patents each year. during this chapter, varied patents were consolidated in areas and nano drug deliveries in varied treatments. It conjointly sheds light-weight on scale-up, market size, and applications of nano medication at this time, as well as future challenges.