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 Mumps could be a virus infection that primarily affects saliva-producing (salivary) glands that square measure placed close to your ears. epidemic parotitis will cause swelling in one or each of those glands. Mumps was common within the u. s. till epidemic parotitis vaccination became routine. Since then, the quantity of cases has born dramatically. However, epidemic parotitis outbreaks still occur within the u. s., and therefore the range of cases has crept up in recent years. These outbreaks usually have an effect on those that are not immunized, and occur in close-contact settings like faculties or faculty campuses. Complications of epidemic parotitis, like deafness, square measure probably serious however rare. there is not any specific treatment for epidemic parotitis. Some folks infected with the epidemic parotitis virus have either no signs or symptoms or terribly delicate ones. once signs and symptoms do develop, they sometimes seem concerning 2 to a few weeks when exposure to the virus. The primary sign of epidemic parotitis is swollen secretion glands that cause the cheeks to puff. different signs and symptoms might include: • Pain within the swollen secretion glands on one or either side of your face • Pain whereas manduction or swallowing • Fever • Headache • Muscle aches • Weakness and fatigue

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