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 The us Army Nurse Corps (AN or ANC) was formally established by the U.S. Congress in 1901. it's one amongst the six medical special branches (or "corps") of officers that – along side medical noncommissioned troopers – comprise the military Medical Department (AMEDD). Military nursing exists as a smaller specialty for registered nurses. These professionals earn a national median earnings of $63,263. Air Force Nursing. The Air Force maintains corps of varied care specialists, together with nurses. Career specialties vary from Med-Surg Nursing to anaesthesia. just like the Army and Navy, the Air Force additionally provides engaging incentive to hitch the Nursing corps. Yes. There ar Army Nurse Corps officers deploy and work on the front lines... and see combat... and die for his or her country In any case, nurses fully might carry a weapon whereas deployed- most likely a throw (pistol). ... truly the nursing officers don't carry them like foot troopers. They carry weapons far more relaxed, a lot of like different support officers and not the least bit like combat arms troopers. initial of all, a military nursing career may be terribly disagreeable and typically grievous. It can even be somewhat dangerous since it is not uncommon for military nurses to be deployed to foreign war zones with troops. ... Also, wonderful edges, like free care, usually go hand in hand with a military career.  

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