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 Microfluidics is that the technology of fluid manipulation in channels with dimensions of tens of micrometers . it's emerged in recent years as a definite new space of analysis because of its application in several various fields, like chemistry, biology, medicine, and physical sciences. a robust motivation in microfluidic analysis comes from the event of lab-on-chip (LOC) devices, that square measure expected to bring a revolution within the field of chemistry and biology as integrated circuits did in computation capabilities. LOCs square measure microsystems capable of group action entire biological or chemical laboratories during a single chip, because of the mixing of microfluidic channels and active or passive parts, like filters, valves, mixers, and lots of others. the most advantage of LOCs are often found in their ability to govern tiny amounts of fluids. This ends up in the chance of performing arts analysis with a really restricted amount of samples, therefore creating most bioanalysis little or no invasive and possible in unspecialised point-of-care centers. Moreover, a microfluidic approach greatly reduces the quantity of reagents used with a positive impact on the atmosphere and permits a high level of automation within the measuring. On the opposite hand, the high level of integration needed in LOCs creates a requirement for advanced fabrication technologies that square measure capable of miniaturizing many key fluidic parts.  This journal invites scientist and scholar of this field to submit there recent research work

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