Medical Genetics

Medical genetic science is that the branch of medication that involves the diagnosing and management of hereditary disorders. Medical genetic science differs from human genetic science therein human genetic science could be a field of research that will or might not apply to medication, whereas medical genetic science refers to the appliance of genetic science to medical aid. for instance, analysis on the causes and inheritance of genetic disorders would be thought of at intervals each human genetic science and medical genetic science, whereas the diagnosing, management, and counseling folks with genetic disorders would be thought of a part of medical genetic science.Medical genetic science is any application of genetic principles to practice. This includes studies of inheritance, mapping malady genes, diagnosing and treatment, and counselling.It is calculable that 3-7% of the final population are going to be diagnosed with a recognized congenital disease. This doesn't embrace common disorders like cancer, diabetes, cardiopathy, and psychiatrical disorders. All diseases or medical conditions have a genetic part (except trauma). Understanding however variations in associate individual’s deoxyribonucleic acid could have an effect on malady and health is that the focus of genomic medication. this information will lead to: Innovative ways that to 1) diagnose malady 2)Earlier detection, by distinguishing genetic predisposition to a selected malady 3)New approaches to treatment 4)Development of designer medication that concentrate on a mutation or its product (pharmacogenomics). This journal invites scientist and scholar of this field to submit there recent research work

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