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 Maternal health is the health of the women(girls) throughout the period of maternity, childbearing and therefore the postnatal amount and maternal health care services area unit antepartum care (ANC), delivery care and postpartum care (PNC) services. Maternal health has been changing into a world concern as a result of the lives of numerous ladies in procreative age is saved through maternal health care services. Despite efforts that are created to strengthen maternal health care services, maternal mortality remains high in most of the developing countries. Every day, or so 800 ladies die from preventable causes associated with maternity and childbearing and ninety nine of all maternal deaths occur in developing countries. tho' the causes of maternal deaths area unit varied and vary from place to position looking on varied factors, the key ones area unit hemorrhage (mainly postnatal hemorrhage), cardiovascular disease and infection .The large variety of maternal mortality, particularly in developing countries has been because of low level of maternal health care seeking behaviour. The low proportion of antepartum care combined by the very low delicate person attended delivery could be a number of the key reasons for the high maternal mortality continuous throughout the last decade. Maternal health could be a major challenge in most developing countries, as well as Abyssinia. With a maternal mortality magnitude relation of 673/100,000 and 19,000 maternal deaths annually, Abyssinia could be a major contributor to the world-wide price of mothers.Maternal health care service has been among the foremost vital interventions to decrease maternal morbidity and mortality.

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