Mastitis is a condition that results in the inflammation under the breast and udder.  mastitis is usually caused due to breastfeeding. The major symptoms of this disease include the redness associated with the pain. other symptoms include soreness and fever. This condition is usually seen in the few months after breastfeeding. This also lead to the formation of an abscess. Using breast pumps can be a major cause of this disease. The bacteria which are associated with these diseases are mostly staphylococcus. The long-term effect of the condition leads to the crackled nipple and the poor latch. The proper breastfeeding techniques can prevent the mastitis. with the help of antibiotics, the mastitis can be cured. It can occur when bacteria, often the baby's mouth, enter a milk duct through a crack in the nipple. Breast infections most commonly occur one to three months after the delivery of a baby, but they can occur in a women, who have not recently delivered and in a women after menopause. Other causes of infection include chronic mastitis and a rare form of cancer called inflammatory carcinoma.

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