Maintenance Dialysis

Patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) have many adversities to cope with, for example, physical symptoms, food and fluid intake limitations, changes in their body image, work and economic status, social roles, levels of activity, self-image, health status and normal routines, while their control over treatment cannot always be predicted. Such restrictions are likely to impact the life and physical and social functioning of the individual, forcing them to rethink their personal and professional interests in the context of living with a chronic disease. Spirituality refers to an attempt to understand the meaning and purpose of life; may or may not involve organized religion and may or may not imply a belief in a higher religion. Recently, that attention has been paid to the connection between spirituality and health care. This belief in spirituality was due to a number of causes. Importantly, several studies have shown a connection between spirituality and clinical outcomes. In addition, the spiritual interests of patients were highlighted as the creation of a palliative care programmes has expanded.     

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