Liver Biopsy Open Access Journals

 A liver biopsy used to be done to estimate the liver Damage and stages of hepatitis and other liver Disordes. The procedure of liver biopsy includes insertion of a small needle  into the liver to collect a tissue sample. The tissue is then examined in microscope to diagnose a variety of disorders and diseases in the liver.Common Types of liver Biopsy includesPercutaneous liver biopsyIn percutaneous liver biopsy is most common biopsy, where the doctor inserts a needle through your skin in the upper part of the abdomen to take a small piece of your liver tissue.Transjugular liver biopsyIn transjugular liver biopsy, needle was inserted into a vein in your neck called the jugular vein. The needle was inserted through your veins to your liver to take a small piece of tissue.Surgical liver biopsyIf you are having surgery for any other reasons, and you need a liver biopsy that you were performed a surgical liver biopsyA liver biopsy is most often performed to help identify the cause of:­­Persistent abnormal liver blood tests (liver enzymes) Unexplained yellowing of the skin (jaundice) The abnormal liver was  found on ultrasound, CT scan, or nuclear scan Unexplained enlargement of the liver