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 Limonoid aglycones that cause bitterness in numerous citrus fruits are converted into tasteless limonoid glucosides during fruit maturation first limonoid component identified as the bitter component of citrus seeds. Some other limonoid compounds such as nomilin, obacunone, isolimonic acid, obacunoic acid, deacetylnomilin, isoobacunoic, ichigan, and dictomnolide were also identified. Nomilin and limonin are the predominant limonoids of citrus fruit. Limonoids are grouped into aglycones and glucosides. Aglycones are harsh limonoid elements in the peels of citrus fruits, while glucosides are tasteless components. Both glucosides and aglycones are available in citrus seeds, but fruit tissue contains only glucosides. Limonoids Open Access Journal encourages original manuscripts and reviews that provide new perception into the fields especially those aims application of new construction methods.  Limonoids journal works simultaneously with experts and scientists to explore the field.  

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