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The synthetic concoctions which are gotten from the plants like citrus natural product plants and different plants having a place with Rutaceae and Meliaceae are known as Limonoids. At present these limonoids are under the examination to investigate on their restorative properties like antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial and antimalarial. Bug sprays like Azadirachtin got from the neem tree are a type of limonoids. Limonoids, a gathering of profoundly oxygenated triterpenoids, mostly exist in the Rutaceae and Meliaceae plant families. When they previously stood out for people, limonoids were viewed as a significant issue for the citrus juice industry because of the unpleasant standards through the biochemical change of a boring limonoid aglycone forerunner to a severe one.Tetranortriterpenoids is an elective name for limonoids on the grounds that during the time spent oxidative changes of triterpenoids, the side chain is in the long run oxidized to a α-subbed furyl ring by the loss of four carbon atoms. Limonoids are grouped into various subcategories, for example, ring-unblemished limonoids, ring-seco limonoids, corrupted limonoids, and profoundly oxidatively changed limonoids.

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