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 Jute cloth could be a style of textile fiber made of the jute plant. whereas there area unit a couple of completely different biological science forms of jute, one amongst the most species accustomed create jute cloth is Corchorus olitorius (white jute). However, another species of jute, referred to as Corchorus capsularis (tossa jute) is taken into account to be superior even supposing it's more durable to cultivate. Cotton takes the title of most-produced plant-based fiber, however jute could be a shut second. whereas jute isn’t very fashionable within the Western world, it's one amongst the first textile fibers of Republic of India and neighboring countries. Jute plants grow to be over ten feet high, and also the fibers derived from these plants area unit harvested in a very single long string. Therefore, jute fibers area unit among the longest natural textile fibers within the world. Jute grows in similar conditions to rice, and this plant is best suited to heat areas that have annual monsoon seasons. This crop cannot grow in water, and close wetness level of roughly eightieth area unit necessary for jute production, Jute could be a comparatively rough fiber, which implies that it isn’t well-suited for attire applications unless it goes through an intensive production method. Instead, jute’s roughness and sturdiness create it ideal for industrial applications. Most kinds of jute cloth area unit loose with plain-woven networks of thick yarn.

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