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 Irrigation is that the artificial exploitation and distribution of water at project level aiming at application of water at field level to agricultural crops in dry areas or in periods of scarce rain to assure or improve crop production. We work towards a worldwide initiative on irrigation modernization aimed toward up the governance of irrigation at native, national and world levels. We offer policy and technical support to Member Countries on irrigation development and management and manufacture pointers, methodologies and tools on irrigation performance assessment and modernization. Proper irrigation planning, supported timely measurements or estimations of soil wetness content and crop water desires, is one in every of the foremost necessary BMPs for irrigation management. This type of management permits a higher use of rain water and stimulates deepening of the foundation system, increasing the amount of the soil that is explored by the roots of the plants. The applied water depth in every irrigation is under the water amount necessary for the crop, however its worth should be enough to not considerably have an effect on the event and productivity of the sugarcane.

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