International Clinical Pharmacology Journals

  Clinical pharmacology is a branch of biomedical  science that deals with the drugs, discovery of the new drugs, the study of the effects of drugs on their targets in living systems & their clinical use as well as the study of the biological function that is related to these chemicals.It includes the application of the pharmacological principles such as the pharmacodynamics (PD) and pharmacokinetics (PK).The science of clinical pharmacology will acts as the backbone for the methodologies that are developed & implemented all across the pharmaceutical industry to overcome all the odds faced for the success and to address the challenges of “getting the right dose .” Clinical pharmacologists contribute their ability to integrate the basic & clinical biomedical sciences and bring detailed expertise on the mechanism of the action of the drugs, its dose–response relationships, adverse effects of the drug inhalation after its prescription, metabolism of the drug , pharmacokinetics & the pharmacogenetics, coupled with knowledge of the clinical trial optimization for new drug development and the therapeutic applications of the drugs in the modern medical practices.