Interactive media may be a methodology of communication during which the program's outputs rely upon the user's inputs, and therefore the user's inputs, in turn, have an effect on the program's outputs. Simply put, it refers to the various ways in which during which individuals method and share data, or however they convey with each other. Interactive media permits individuals to attach with others—whether that is individuals or organizations—making them active participants within the media they consume. the aim of moveive media is to have interaction the user and interact with him or her in an exceedingly manner non-interactive media don't. ancient sorts of media, like tv and radio, originally needed no active participation. These sorts of media created customers a lot of passive, giving them no possible way to navigate through their experiences—except for the power to alter the channel. But with the arrival of the net within the Nineties, that began to alter. As technology developed, customers got completely different tools through that interactive media was conferred. Access to the net went from a chic utility once offered solely through dial-up to a wireless tool accessible by the bit of a finger. Computers and laptops became a house item and a necessity within the geographic point, and mobile devices began creating interacting media straightforward and convenient

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