Industrial Management-Review Articles :

 Industrial management is that deals with people in industry, material and energy leading towards production growth. Our country is fast growing in industrial sector. thanks to its economic policies many companies are coming forward to develop factories and production facilities in our country. Every company is in need of an industrial engineering person. they need much career opportunities now days. Some industries they provide training to the qualified persons, and a few they appoint experiences, skilled person. Before the economic Revolution people worked with hand tools, manufacturing articles in their own homes or in small shops. within the third quarter of the 18th cent. steam power was applied to machinery, and other people and machines were brought together under one roof in factories, where the manufacturing process might be supervised. This was the start of shop management. within the next hundred years factories grew rapidly in size, in degree of mechanization, and in complexity of operation. the expansion , however, was amid much waste and inefficiency. within the us many engineers, spurred by the increased competition of the post–Civil War era, began to hunt ways of improving plant efficiency. The precursor of the study field industrial engineering was factory management.