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 Coastal engineering could be a branch of engineering involved with the precise demands posed by constructing at or close to the coast, moreover because the development of the coast itself. Coastal engineers develop defenses to preserve coastal residential areas from the results of storm flooding. With adequately designed and developed defenses, the negative effects of the inclemency are reduced and thus flooding is averted. Coastal engineering could be a division of engineering to blame for the organization, conception, development and preservation of works within the coastal space.   Coastal engineering functions and responsibilities include: Erosion interference, control, Artificial Harbor Construction and dredging operations.   Engineers should additionally account for what's referred to as longshore transport of sand, that is that the movement of sediment each parallel and perpendicular to the shore. It results from the stirring of sediment by the breaking waves, and therefore the movement of this sediment by the wave energy and therefore the current.

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