Human Factors International.

   Human factors is used to meet the goals of activity health and safety and productivity. it's relevant within the style of such things as safe piece of furniture and easy-to-use interfaces to machines and instrumentation. correct engineering style is critical to stop repetitive strain injuries and different contractor disorders, which might develop over time and may result in semipermanent incapacity. Human factors and technology area unit involved with the "fit" between the user, equipment, and surroundings or "fitting employment to a person".[6] It accounts for the user's capabilities and limitations in seeking to make sure that tasks, functions, info, and also the surroundings suit that user. To assess the match between someone and also the used technology, human factors specialists or ergonomists think about the work (activity) being done and also the demands on the user; the instrumentation used (its size, shape, and the way applicable it's for the task), and also the info used (how it's bestowed, accessed, and changed). technology attracts on several disciplines in its study of humans and their environments, as well as measurement, biomechanics, applied science,

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