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 Computational science is that the application of computing and software engineering principles to solving scientific problems. It involves the utilization of computing hardware, networking, algorithms, programming, databases and other domain-specific knowledge to style simulations of physical phenomena to run on computers. Computational science crosses disciplines and may even involve the humanities. While scientists are using computers in their research since they were invented, the increasing power of latest hardware in recent years has made it possible to make simulations of complexity that have been previously unimaginable, such as particle physics. Computational science is that the harnessing of data of hardware, algorithms and other knowledge domain to simulate the physical world on powerful supercomputers. Computational science is multidisciplinary, involving scholars within the physical sciences, computer scientists, software engineers, even people within the arts and humanities. Techniques usually involve numerical simulations. This Master’s is an interdisciplinary program which is meant to supply the scholars a mixture of skills in areas like high performance computing, numerical mathematics, multiscale and multi-physics modeling along side a good range of elective application courses. Graduates will gain an impressive combination of simulation, modeling and applied math techniques and enhance their knowledge in chosen application areas, enabling them to deal with tomorrow’s computational challenges in industry. This Master’s program is additionally a perfect preparation for various PhD programs in basic Sciences and Engineering.  

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