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 The heart may be a muscular organ in most animals that pumps blood through the blood vessels of the vascular system. The tense blood carries element and nutrients to the body, whereas carrying metabolic waste like carbonic acid gas to the lungs. In humans, the heart is around the scale of a closed mitt and is found between the lungs, within the middle compartment of the chest.   In humans, alternative mammals, and birds, the guts are split into four chambers: higher left and right atria and lower left and right ventricles. Ordinarily the proper atrium and ventricle square measure referred along because the right heart and their left counterparts because the left heart. Fish, in distinction, have 2 chambers, Associate in Nursing atrium and a ventricle, whereas reptiles have 3 chambers. During a healthy heart blood flows a technique through the heart because of heart valves that stop flow. The heart embowered during a protecting sac, the serous membrane that additionally contains a tiny low quantity of fluid. The wall of the guts is created from 3 layers: epicardium, myocardium, and endocardium.

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