Hamadryas Baboon

 The hamadryas Old World monkey (/ËŒhæməˈdraɪəs/;[4] Papio https://www.omicsonline.org/hamadryas) could be a species of Old World monkey from the recent World monkey family. it's the northmost of all the baboons, being native to the Horn of continent and also the southwestern tip of the Arabia. These regions offer habitats with the advantage for this species of fewer natural predators than central or southern continent wherever different baboons reside. The hamadryas Old World monkey was a sacred animal to the traditional Egyptians and seems in numerous roles in ancient Egyptian faith, therefore its different name of 'sacred baboon' with the exception of the placing sexual dimorphism (males ar nearly double as giant as females, that is common to any or all baboons[5]) this species conjointly shows variations in coloration among adults. Adult males have a pronounced cape (mane and mantle), silver-white in color, that they develop round the age of 10, whereas the females ar capeless and brown everywhere. Their faces aim color from red to tan to a dark brown  

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