Habitat Destruction

 A habitat is the natural place where animals, plants, or other organisms live; it is where they call home. To remain healthy, this is the living area necessary for an ecosystem. Destruction means to change something so much that it can no longer subsist as it once was. So, when we put the two definitions together we get: habitat and destruction is a home to species that has been changed to the point it no longer exists. Habitat destruction happens when enough change has occurred to an area that it can no longer support the natural wildlife. This change can even be in many forms, including destruction, degradation and fragmentation. But no matter how it happens, the animals, plants, and other organisms whose habitat has been destroyed no longer have a home. Another principal term to know is ecosystem. An ecosystem is a group of species that interact with each other in a living area. This living area is necessary for their survival as a healthy ecosystem. This lesson describes types, causes, and effects of destroying this living area.    

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